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August 20, 2023

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Born in the heart of Dorchester, MA. Vendetta grew up immersed in the rhythm of the city. It was during these formative years that he discovered his fascination with words and their transformative power. A pivotal moment came when his cousin Phil introduced him to the world of hip-hop. Phil's impassioned verses resonated deeply with Vendetta, igniting the spark of creativity that would later define his own unique style.

Vendetta's life took a decisive turn when he moved to Taunton, MA. as a teenager. The change in surroundings exposed him to new perspectives and experiences, molding his lyrical content with a dynamic blend of urban grit and suburban introspection. Taunton's vibrant yet distinct vibe acted as a catalyst, further shaping Vendetta's artistic evolution.

Stepping into the local music scene, Vendetta quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with. His tongue and cheek, double time, signature chopper flow, is laced with authenticity that draws listeners into his world. Drawing inspiration from both his Dorchester roots and his experiences in Taunton, Vendetta's music bridged the gap between two worlds, resonating with a diverse audience.

Vendetta's lyrical prowess transcended mere words. His delivery was a symphony of emotions, each verse carefully crafted to convey his innermost thoughts and experiences. His music effortlessly intertwined storytelling, introspection, and hard-hitting beats, creating a mosaic of his life's narrative.

Vendetta's journey started as  budding enthusiast to a seasoned rapper exemplifies the power of passion and inspiration. His ability to blend diverse influences into a cohesive and mesmerizing sound has earned him a place among the industry's rising stars. With a captivating story to tell and a beat that refuses to be ignored, Vendetta's legacy is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of hip-hop.


Grind Mode Cypher Vol. 23 was my first appearance. My main takeaway is that I didn't understand how to approach writing for a cypher. Now that I have more experience, my confidence and comfortability has grown.


Bone Thugs N Harmony is by far the biggest influence of mine. Krayzie Bone is the pinnacle of what an artist should hope to be. I wanted to make music because of the way their sound resonated within me. I would mimic their flow and thought it would be amazing to try and make my own with a similar style.  Drawn in by their rapid fire, harmonies and real life raw lyrics is what me realize that I wanted to do this.


Music then evolved into a survival tool during the darkest and most troubling times I encountered. I was able to stay whole, while expressing my pain and struggles of loss. 


My single biggest accomplishment in music was getting selected by my Krayzie Bone to be a part of a mentoring program that he started in 2011. After sending my music to him for almost a solid year, he told me, "I'm ready to be part of his team and record label". I was mentioned in an article by him, that was featured in Music Is Life Magazine.


When I began this path I only sought recognition. After twenty-five years of pouring my life into this craft, I have shifted my focus on approaching music as a business. 


I have an EP on the way, that is executively produced by Gibby Stites, "DayDreaming at NightTime".



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