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Grind Mode Cypher Presents: Bring The Noise.
Now is your chance to be a part of Salt Lake City’s biggest music event! Differentiate yourself
from the competition by supporting this thrilling, action-packed, night of cyphers, food, music,
and concerts. Our mission is threefold: to provide a memorable experience tha
t features
amazing local artists and entertainers while supporting Salt Lake City’s underground hip hop

About Grind Mode Cypher Presents: Bring The Noise
Grind Mode Cypher Presents: Bring The Noise will bring to life and celebrate the diversity of
Utah with the music scene by showcasing artists that span across many cultures, ethnicities and
regions of our county. Grind Mode Cypher Presents: Bring The Noise is for adults 21 years or
older and we anticipate more than 500 attendees at this year’s event. Grind Mode Cypher
Presents: Bring The Noise will feature artist demonstrations, live performances and concerts.
Grind Mode Cypher Presents: Bring The Noise promises to have something for everyone.

Our Mission
Grind Mode Cypher Presents: Bring The Noise was initiated as a way to bring a spotlight to, as
well as educate the public about the untapped artists and musical talent in Utah. We believe this
night will be a great place for us to learn about other cultures, their customs and traditions
through art and music. Our goal is to bring people together and to help educate them about their neighbors. In the
process, we will strengthen our heritages while gaining respect for others. We believe with the
influx of new families coming to Utah, we see now more than ever as the time to make culturally
diverse families feel welcomed and accepted, thus increasing our participation in the global

Event Demographic
Average Attendee Age: 21-55 years’ old
Income: $35,000 - $155,000
Racial Breakdown: 40% Caucasian, 40% African American, 10% Latino, 10% other Sex
Orientation: 55% women, 35% men and 15% other
Education Levels: 65% graduated college, 25% attended college, and 10% never attended college
Homeownership: 70% renters and 30% homeowners
Employment: 80% Full Time, 15% Employed and 5% unemployed
Marital Status: 65% single, 35% married, and 15% divorced

Sponsor ROI
Increase Brand Visibility
Our goal is to put your company’s brand directly in front of our attendees to give them an
organic introduction to your organization. To help build your brand's awareness, we will also
include your logo and name in press releases as well as social media mentions. We will also
include product tags before, during, and after the event. Your brand will also be featured in our
physical flyers/posters to boost your brand recognition.

Build Consumer Perception
We not only want our attendees to see your product but to try your product as well. Statistics
show once a consumer is exposed to a new product they’re more likely to purchase or refer to
that particular product in the future. In a 2016 survey, the Event Marketing Institute found that
74% percent of consumers are more likely to buy products after exposure to a branded event
marketing experience.

Efficient Lead Generation
We will create a proprietary QR Code to place on our bar menu and advertising material to
direct customers directly to your website and/or social media page. We will also share the
attendees' list with our sponsors containing contact information and attendees statistical

Community Goodwill
We believe by linking your business to our event, your organization will draw lasting support and
media attention. Community involvement also sets you apart from larger brands. Studies show
consumers have more incentive to support a business if they’re invested in the local community.

Content Strategy
Grind Mode Cypher Presents: Bring The Noise will provide your organization fresh material to
expand your marketing and content strategy. The Event Marketing Institute reported that 98%
percent of consumers create social content during events. When attendees share photos,
quotes, and videos your company will get exposure to a much larger diverse network. Our focus
will be to have our attendees post organic user-generated content. We believe user-generated
content has a greater impact on customers, so we’ll make it easy for people to tag your
business on social media during the event.

Grind Mode Cypher Sponsorship
Grind Mode Cypher Sponsorship Cost

We would love to hear from you. For more information please contact:
Ryan Fletcher

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