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Jester Exodus

July 30, 2023

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Sturgeon Bay, WI. Hip Hop Artist and Producer Jester Exodus, began his music career as a vocalist in a Heavy Metal Band in 1997. In 2009 he transitioned into Hip Hop Music as an artist, producer and audio engineer. His first Grind Mode Cypher as an artist was during the Salt Lake City series, in Utah. He described this moment by saying, " the energy was crazy, the atmosphere overall was incredible. I've always appreciated networking, so being able to take advantage of having so many artists in one area was my takeaway from the experience. I've been working with numerous artists from the event ever since".


Music is the main reason that I got into making music. I was raised mainly on Classic Rock by my mother who is a music lover. And even classic rock at a young age, some of it just hit differently. The first time I heard "Stairway To Heaven" I got chills. The first time I heard the extended section in "Do You Feel Like I Do" by Peter Frampton where he made it guitar "talk" just took me to another dimension. So it was definitely a seed that was planted at a very young age.

I didn't begin understanding Hip Hop music until the early 2000's when my guy in Las Vegas started mailing me CD's that he was burning for me. Some of the first ones that I remember were a People Under The Stairs album, along with 2mex, Grayskul (The Wand and the Gun), Grouch and Eligh, Sage Francis, Immortal Technique, etc. At the same time, another friend of mine introduced me to Aesop Rock's music, and he soon became my all time favorite emcee ever. It really opened my eyes to all the different styles and sub genres of Hip Hop.


From there, I dove more into the culture behind the music. And eventually, I had to get involved. My love for music stretches across numerous genres, but mainly, Heavy Metal, drum and bass/jungle, and Hip Hop. I used to be in a Heavy Metal band called V.A.D. (Victims of the American Dream) and the first time I ever touched a stage was with them, and it was incredible. We did as many live shows as possible. Later on, my musical journey got me into Hip Hop, first in a group called Chump Service with MC N-V, then another group called Sheol Dynasty with Tigga (aka Drew Lines), and finally just solo as Space Kase.

The metal bands that I've been in have opened for acts such as Megadeth, Job For A Cowboy, Powerman 5000, etc. Our Hip Hop acts have opened for Ruste Jux, King Magnetic, Termanology, etc. I've been on tour a few times, we've set up numerous events of our own, and within the last couple years, I've hit the stage at three different Grind Mode Cypher events, one of which was the Mad World Cypher series by Mad World Apothecary that our team at Twoface Media were proud to sponsor.

Since 2022, producing beats has been my main focus, as well as other studio related endeavors such at audio engineering and recording. My plan is to continue expanding my catalog and strengthen these alliances by networking. The content that comes out of some of the artists I've gotten to work with and know personally trumps some of my favorite emcees, so my goal is to just keep building. Working with legends is always a dream, but right now, it's not a goal.

As a Grind Mode Affiliate, I'm always reaching out to other members for collaborations and features. My most recent project, which is also my debut as Jester Exodus, is called "The Science Projex". It's a 15 track album that features 23 different emcees over beats I produced, and over half of the emcees are Affiliates. The feedback from the album has been crazy and has me excited to continue working on Volume 2.



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