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August 27, 2023

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Hailing from the vibrant streets of Providence, Rhode Island, DedPhonez has emerged as a magnetic force in the world of hip-hop production, weaving intricate musical landscapes that resonate with the raw emotions of life. Born out of a desire to transcend boundaries and express the unspoken, DedPhonez channels the rich tapestry of his influences into his craft, creating a unique sonic identity.

DedPhonez immersed himself in a melting pot of sounds that would shape his artistic journey. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Blues, Jazz, Soul, Motown, Punk, and Rock. The timeless rhythms of Motown and the rebellious spirit of Punk infuses his work with a distinctive edge, while the soulful melodies of Jazz and the emotional depth of Blues lent an air of introspection and authenticity to his beats.

DedPhonez musical journey began by playing the guitar and performing at local venues, while dabbling in beat making. From the early days of tinkering with turntables and an MPC, to breakdancing after school with his cousin DtaylzDedPhonez honed his skills with unrelenting dedication. His music has become his canvas, a means to channel his thoughts, emotions, and experiences into melodies that tell stories without words. 

"Dtaylz would come over and talk about battles he was competing in and tracks he was making with other artists. At this point I started curating a folder of beats for him to rap over. It was a natural progression, back to where we started all those years ago"


Grind Mode Cypher - Mass Appeal Vol. 3 is the most memorable cypher I have been part of. I remember speaking with all the artists on my beat and realizing that something I pour my feelings into can resonate with others, in ways I didn't expect it to.   

I was always obsessed with the musical intricacies of hip hop.  For me personally, Dilla and The Roots  need to be ackowledged. The Soulquarian and Rawkus Records era of hip hop was the sound I loved. Artists and producers who shaped my sound are: Mos Def, Common, Dilla, Sound Bombing and Lyricist Lounge. It was good music and at the same time, it was informative in how they spoke truth to power. 



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