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August 13, 2023

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Estonia , Pärnu City born, Finland, HKI. Hip Hop Producer Boomtact, embarked on his music journey during his middle school years. With an innate talent and insatiable curiosity, he quickly honed his skills, experimenting with various sounds and techniques. As he progressed through his teenage years, Boomtact's dedication to his craft intensified. Late nights spent perfecting his beats and collaborating with fellow aspiring artists became the norm. His unique blend of infectious melodies and intricate drum patterns are his way of paying homage to the Golden Era of Hip Hop.


My most memorable cypher was, COVID 16's Vol. 7. Unfortunately, I'm in Europe and never had the chance to meet or see any cypher's filmed live. Based on the videos, the atmosphere is always in place and everyone seem to support each others. I would also liked to shout out Rae Instrumentals who introduced me to Lingo.


My biggest influences in music are probably all golden era Boombap artists. If I had to bring some out; Big LBlack Moon, Biggie, Pete Rock, Buckwild, Organized Konfusion, Fugees and Wu-Tang to name a few.

I started to create music when I saw my older friends and people from my city making Hip Hop. I saw them performing on stages and I realized that's the most dopest thing ever! Even though nowadays I don't rap much anymore, I found that making beats is what I really love to do. Before I began producing full time, I was in a group called EPT. During that time we released three albums.


In 2020 I dropped my first solo beat tape project. My latest releases is with Grind Mode Affiliate, Pestilence.  I am also honored that my beat was chosen for "1-2 Punch" on the Grindmode X Snowgoons - Goonmode Album.

My main goal in the music industry is to keep Boombap alive. I never did this just for money, or to be rich and famous. I'm doing this for respect.



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