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Rules & Information

Welcome to the Bar Brawl Tournament! Each week (2) MC's will face off live, on the weekly Sunday Night Grind livestream. Each artist will have 60 seconds to spit their dopest acapella. This contest is designed with the following attributes:

. Punchlines

. Originality

. Creativity

. Delivery

. Wordplay

. Lyrics

. Flow 

The tournament is held the second Sunday of each month. On the third Sunday of the month, the winners of weeks one and two will face off in the championship round.


Grind Mode Cypher

. (4) judges, including Lingo and AYOK

. Additional points from fan votes on the Grind Mode Everything Facebook Page

. The MC with the most votes advances

. Voting stays open for (7) days




. $50.00 cash bag

. $40.00 credit for reactions on Sunday Night Grind

. Grind Mode Cypher YouTube Channel music video/song upload (75K subscribers)

. (1) month of  promotion to our fans via social media (18K followers)

. (1) month of promotion via our e-mail blast (1,500 people)

. Bar Brawl Artist Spotlight


Free to enter!
Follow the
Grind Mode Everything Facebook Page

All announcements for the Bar Brawl Tournament will be posted there.
To submit your music for consideration, please e-mail:

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